Pathology-specific oral and topical formulations for:

Peripheral Neuropathy



Poor Circulation

Bone & Soft Tissue Healing

Fungal Nails


Excessively Wet/Dry Feet

Plantar Warts

Nail, Hair & Skin Health

Medical foods are distinguished from the broader category of foods for special dietary use by the requirement that medical foods be intended to meet distinctive nutritional requirements of a disease or condition, used under medical supervision, and intended for the specific dietary management of a disease or condition. Medical foods are not those simply recommended by a physician as part of an overall diet to manage the symptoms or reduce the risk of a disease or condition.

Our Prescription Medical Foods are…


Allergy Free

Dye Free

Gluten Free

EBM Products

For example...

The Peripheral Neuropathy Formulas:

⇒ Actually helps the nerves repair themselves.

⇒ Unlike other common prescription neuropathy medications, our formulas can relieve both pain AND altered sensations.

⇒ AND they reduce homocycsteine levels, which are key instigators of peripheral & cardiac arterial blockages.


Benefits of Customized Prescription Topical Formulas:

⇒ Multiple pathology-specific medications combined for effectiveness that can rival oral medications.

⇒ Advanced transdermal compounds penetrate skin and nails much better than the creams and ointments from your typical pharmacy.

⇒ Allows ORAL medications to be used TOPICALLY with much less risk of side effects.


And we carry a topical CBD in a formula that actually penetrates to where you need it!!!

It has great pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.

EBM CBD Bottle
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